Fig.1 and 1b

The Exploration Stages in the Morondava

(1952-1960)  and Majunga, or Mahajanga, (1963-1965) Basins

Fig.2 and 3

Diagram of the Western Boundary of the Karroo (P.Cliquet)

The Basement Spurs in the Sedimentary Formation (P.Cliquet)


The Rose Diagrams

Plates I to IV

The Orientations of Fractures in the Morondava Basin

Plate V

The Subsurface Seismic Faults in the Morondava Basin

Plate VI

The Separation of Madagascar from Africa

Fig. 5 and 6

Reconstruction of the Pre-Karroo Conditions (juxtaposition of outcrops to make evident the parallelism of granitized zones)


The Carboniferous and the Permian Periods

Fig. 7 and 8

The Lower Triassic and the Liassic

The Upper Cretaceous and the Tertiary

Fig 9 and 10

The Major Fractures of the Indian Ocean Zone


Mineral Deposits on the Intersection of the Magmatic Reactivation Axis AA’ (or on the Parallels to AA’) with E-W Directions

Fig.11 and 11b

The Position of the Cretaceous Volcanic Rocks

The Pre-Cretaceous Graphite Series: LLD

Fig. 12

The Fracture System of the African Continent (Furon)

The New Global Tectonics around Africa

Fig. 13, 14 and 15

Diagram of the Three Major Directions: Bongolava, East Coast, and Tsiribihina


The Precambrian Amphibolites Series

The Quartzites of the Bevitsika Group : RLD (Right Lateral Deplacement)-(Besairie, 1964)

Fig. 16 and 17

Map of Seismic Line Locations

Results of the Seismic Survey

Fig. 18

 The Moody and Hill Law (1956): A  System of Wrench Fault Tectonics

Fig 19 and 20

Possible Pre-Hercynian Wrench Fault System

Probable Hercynian Wrench Fault System

Fig. 21 and 22

The Wrench Fault System of Madagascar according to the Moody and Hill Law

A Tentative Reconstitution of the Eastern Gondwana from the Permo-Triassic according to Du Toit (1937) and King (1965) Theories

Fig. 23 and 24

Crustal Stress and Deformation during  an Upwarp Cycle

The Rupturing of a Continent and the Expansion of an Early Ocean

Fig. 25 and 26

The Wrench Fault System of Madagascar and the Petroleum Zones of Interest


A Possible Explanation of the Marine Origine of the Doggers and of the Relative Ages of the Volcanic Intrusions along the Western Coast

Fig. 27

Our Explanation of the Origin of Madagascar

Fig. 28 and 29

A Map of the Hypothetical Depth of the Morondava Basin Basement


Paleo-and Measured Temperatures

Fig. 30

Map of Seismic Lines Location

Fig. 31

Cross-Section AB (St Andre Cape

Seismic Lines L.85 (Berevo)

Fig. 32 and 32 bis

Seismic Lines TS.106 (Tsimiroro);

L.103A (Soahanina)

Antsalova – Bemaraha-

Tsimiroro W-E. Cross-Section

Fig. 33

Seismic Lines L.123V (Serinam)-

L.131.V (Loboa) - L. 124V and L.137V


Fig. 34

Seismic Lines L.135V (Saronanala)

Morondava, Malaimbandy Road

W-E. Cross Section

Fig. 35

Seismic Lines L.123V (Kirindy)

L.201V (Andranolo)

Fig. 36

Seismic Lines L.207 (Ankazofotsy)

 MR.72-18 (Manja)

Fig. 37

Seismic Lines MR.73-79 (Sakaraha)

Fig. 38

Seismic Lines MR. 72-6 (South Befandriana)

MR. 72-1 (Lake Area)

Fig 39 and 40

1958 J. BAUER: The Morondava Basin

The Karroo and the Post-Karroo

N-S Cross-Sections

Fig. 41

Two Geological Cross-Sections of the North Sea (Dr Robert E. King)

Fig. 42 and 43

Loboa and Marofandilia: Isochron Curves of the Lower Cretaceous and of the Triassic Horizons

Fig. 44 and 45

Residual Gravity Map of Andranolo

Saronala: Isochron Curves of  the Middle Jurassic

Fig. 46 and 47

East Kirindy: Isochron Curves of  the Lower Cretaceous and of the Triassic

Fig. 48 and 49

Southern Serinam Hinge : Seismic Structures

Gravity Anomaly Map of Narinda

Fig. 50 and 52

Gravity Anomaly Map of the Malaimbandy-Miandrivazo Hinge


Bouguer Anomaly Map of Beroroha

Fig. 51 and 53

Gravity Anomaly Maps of the Bemaraha Area and of the Mangoky Delta (the Befandriana Area)

Fig. 54

The Amoco Prospects

Fig. 55

Manambolo Isochron Curves of the  Lower Cretaceous

Fig. 56

The Belo/Mer and Mangoky zones

Fig. 57

The Morondava Basin : Possible Pre-Karroo Faults and Bouguer Gravity Anomaly Map

Fig. 58

Location Map of Seismic Structures and Gravity Anomalies in the Morondava and Mahajanga Basins

Fig. 59

Location Map of the Petroleum Zones of Interest

Fig. 60

The Diego-Suarez (Antseranana) Block

Fig. 61

The Different Trap Types


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